Scientists have created the most amazing thing – glow in the dark kitties! These little guys glow red or green, depending on what type of light is shone on them. They are not only an ideal companion for Halloween – they are also an important part of an experiment which aims to cure feline HIV (and hopefully human HIV, too). The glowing effect is caused by the inclusion of some jellyfish DNA amongst the special gene therapy (for tracking purposes).

All of the original cats are reportedly doing well. Some have given birth to kittens who also have the special glow – which is a good sign (and also very cute!).

It is hoped that the treatment will help lead both medical and veterinary researchers to find a cure. Besides all the millions of people who could benefit from this treatment (and our beloved pets), treatment would also help the wild feline species (all 36 wild species are endangered).

Besides, we think such a kitty would be an ideal companion. I personally would love one for reading in bed!

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