Some of you may know about the Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand, where tigers are raised by pigs, and pigs by tigers. There are very cute pictures about it. But make sure you hear the right story!

The tigress is called Saimai, a Royal Bengal tigress. She herself was raised by a pig at the zoo, only two years ago.

It seems the Tiger Zoo doesn’t do this for the tiger’s benefit. It is mainly for ours – besides patting tigers, and various live shows, seeing the tiger and piglet family is one of the zoo’s main attractions.

There are two ways of looking at this situation. One is that it is terrible that tiger families are broken up, and unnaturally paired with other animals, just for human entertainment. Who knows what emotional distress it causes them, when they have no choice in the matter!

The other side of the story could be that the tigers and pigs are being cared for, when hundreds of tigers (and millions of pigs) are killed every year. Also, did you know, there are more tigers in US backyards than in the wild? As much as this tiger/pig bonding seems unusual, just as unnatural is tiger/human bonding in circuses and zoos.

We also hope that seeing these beautiful animals encourages people to look after both kinds of these amazing creatures.

As for us – we wonder if the pigs will grow up a little like their mother – a bit like this famous little guy did.

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