About Us

Cute Pics is a celebration of cuteness, in all its forms. It’s an archive, a contest, a best-of and a celebration.

There are many times of cute:

Ridiculous Cute. This might be a cat dressed up, or a dog so ridiculous and goofy looking, it’s hard not to laugh.

Emotional Cute – cuteness can be a way to hot wire your emotions, and make you care for a strange animal. Like this little guy.

Retro Cute – Like something you might see in a particularly dusty diner, that made someone once smile enough to hang on the wall.

Saccharine Cute – a cute so sweet it is positively sugary soppyness.

Contemporary Cute – For some reason, this sloth tells us a lot about who we are today.

We love all the types of cute in the world. So, cute pics is a place to send in, vote for, and favorite your favorite cute pics of animals, human babies, and more. We will bring you, but not limited to, cute cats, dogs, rabbits, deer, pine martens, kargaroos, seals, dolphins, elephants, mice, koalas, and anything else that’s super cute.

Don’t forget – if you see a cute video, send them in, too/